Sanchariyude Deivam by Bobby Jose Kattikkadu

A butterfly moves to a flower, roots go deep in the soil and a bird flies to the sky’s limit. When thoughts burn our hearts and mind, a man longs for an oasis as in the desert. These words are not for mere reading, but to be grown from within...It’s a journey to find ourselves and to sense our nostalgia.

Hridayavayal by Bobby Jose Kattikkadu
Avaried experience moulded by th reflections that draw new pictures in the canvases of our life. What do we sow in our hearts? After ploughing our hearts spiritually, breaching the wall of pride, drawing the ditches of love, burying some reflections behind every thunders and baritones and waiting for the showers of blessings, we all become some symbols of truth. This book is a call to retreat from the aroma of the incense to the sweat of the Jewish carpenter….A book built by the words of spiritual viscosity.

Nilathezhuthu by Bobby Jose Kattikkadu
Some reflections aboutthe beautiful and integrated life on earth. We get another chance to start everything from the beginning. Waves wiped away all the footprints if the past. A new life is kept in front of all. It’s a pack of the most beautiful and integrated prayerful thoughts about life, at the same time,  it is a window to Christ’s mind.

Keli by Bobby Jose Kattikkadu
The faith and sighs of a person who is always divided between God and man. A person strive hard to reach the skies of his spirituality. But he realizes the need to keep a navel connection with the earth. Journey along with God should never be at the cost of his brothers. It depicts the deep beliefs and skepticisms of a person, constantly divided between man and God. If a necessary choice arises between them, the writer stands stern with man for God’s sake… 

Vathil by Bobby Jose Kattikkadu
All those closed and open doors become certain signs. A well acclaimed book of the author. What is so scenic as an open door on earth? Every door is a sign. An open door in enchanting. But a closed door breaks our heart. As Gibran says “God abide in open houses”. Extended hands are like open doors. All these closed and open doors become certain signs..the real signs of life on earth..a must-read book.

Basalel by Biju Madathikunnel
A different Novel…Anew experience for the readers, flanked by sincerity and depth in its depictions… Morethan being a novel, it is a book of self-identification or the experiments with truth. Basalel, the protagonist, is a young priest. The author identifies that the journey through the way of priesthood is not in his full control. He meets the ignominies when he walks along with God and man at the same time. Eventually the novel becomes “the portrait of an artist as a young priest.”

Ottayadipatha by Sr.Shoba     CSN
All the ways before us are not to be traveled together….certain paths are unique for us. The untrodden paths of reality is disclosed. It shatters your dreams but constructs your life. Dare to go O reader if not you miss the vistas of vision.

Athijeevanam by Sr.Shoba CSN
A book that flows love in each and every words and lines. Life keeps many impasses before us. To face them is the only option. We can overcome them indeed..through contentions, murmurs, tears….or along with Christ, keeping prayers in heart and a smile on face . Love seems to be the only assets in life. Not small is the confidence this book instills in us to survive the entire impasses in life. There are only few thoughts that have a lasting effect in our life. No doubt, Athijeevanam  is one among them. Illumined by the light of God her thoughts become all the more clear and pure. It calls you to walk the other mile, the mile of grace……

Nerippodile theekanal by Fernandez Kakkassery
Those priestly thoughts having heat an lights to find one’s self and to guide others. How should a priest be? It a question bound of many expectectations…..a priest should assimilate the life and words of Jesus and serve the people of God. Our tender hearts may shiver before certain challenges and anticipations, but a priest won’t. He thaws in Christ and becomes ever-conscious of the Gospel values. This book is a collection of such priestly thoughts, full of its warmth and light, to find yourselves and guide our ways...

Ruth by Kavalam Balachandran
The depiction of  a love story hidden between the words of Bible in the Old Testament.

Havayude Puthrimar by Micheal Karimattam
All the major female characters in the Bible appear before us through the words of the author.

Ee ravu theerum munpu by Danielpoovannathil
The thoughts of al individual who no longer wants to follow the crowd.         

Mazhayude Veedu by Jose Suresh
A different book….fullof sparks and lightinings.

Kilikkudum Aakashavum by Christy VattakuzhyFrancis, a nest, Christ, the sky. A must read book to strengthen our spiritual outlook.

Haritham by SebastianThobias
An evergreen work….prismatic authentic expression.

Thomasinte Suvishesham by Swami Vinayachaithanya
A gospel from darkness to and see yourself.

ThorathePeyyunna Mazhayil by Sebastian Pallithode
The words of aman, deeply persecutes by the expressions of life.

StrainaAatmiyatha by Rosy Thampy
Some snippets that overflows the joys of being a female.

Bhumi Padangal by Dr.Helen A.P
A doctrine for all who strive to keep the balance of motherearth.

Aatmavinte Aakashangal by JosephEethamkuzhy
Some slivers for meditation..the beauty of simplicity.

Padukam by Jonath Capuchin
A true seeker of God finds Him finally trough his experiences.

MazhayathuVithumbunna Sauhridangal by Vineeth Vadakkekkara
It’s exactly a rain…..rain in the moon light…like the golden threads.

KoottamThettiyavarude Sankeerthanam by Romance Antony
All praise for liberty…Has a nation, trampled under the yoke of exploitation, the right to adore? Find yourself.

AgniyeSamharicha Mulppadarppu by P.K.Antony
A ray through the life of Mary..An impetus to find a loving mother.

Kankettu by Aakkannathu
Reflections of a person,who undid all the ties on eyes to commence his life in Christ.

Thoppiyile Manju by Jerly
Arare collection of Japanese haikus.

Pralayakalathe Mazhaviilu by Peter Thomas
The reader will surely  be transfigured into a new man...Words no longer form mere sentences..but new outlooks and perspectives in you.

Prakashathinte Nizhal by Dany Capuchin
A journey trough the life and visions of St.Peter..asthonises the reader with the difference in the depiction.

Deivam Peithirangunnu by Dany Capuchin
A novel that equips us to love and mould our life in all its dimensions.

Pope John Paul II by Sebastian Pallithode
An authentic work on the  life and deeds of Pope John Paul II.

Ormakalude Pusthakam by Titus Chullickal It’s a pilgrimage through the Bible and a sign that shows the errors and failures of the present social system.

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