Sunday, 25 March 2012

Theo Books, the official publications of St. Francis Assisi Capuchin province, Kerala, is a well-acclaimed and sought after publications in Kerala. It was established in 2002 by the pain stacking efforts of Fr. Bobby Jose. Fr. Prasad Cyprian has shouldered a major responsibility to bring the publications under a systematic and efficient management. Exhorted by the constitution, “to greatly esteem the modern means of social and communication for their power to influence and move the masses”(Const 153.2), Theo books seek all the means to encourage the reading and writing habits as well as to evangelize the society by deep rootening the Gospel values.

            The word “Theo” has two dimensions. Firstly, its root meaning implies “of God”, precisely to proclaim the “Word of God”. Secondly to specially commemorate Servant of God Fr. Theophane who has led a saintly Capuchin life and always a beacon for us.

            The first book published under the banner of Theo Books was “Hridayavayal” written by Fr. Bobby Jose OFM Cap . Within a short span of time, Theo books marked a consistent and burgeoning growth in its demand. Theo books have published many value based books. Many books have secured awards for its value based depictions also. Currently, the Head Office of Theo Books is in Capuchin Ashram, Thumbolly, Alappuzha. It is commissioned under a bear of friars consisting of:

·       Fr. Bobby Jose OFM Cap ( Director of Theo publication)

·       Fr. Sebastian Thobias OFM Cap (Director of Theo Gallery)